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1. An ___ is the highest ranking civilian representing the US in a foreign country. ___s work in embassies.
6. It was a tense ___--the suspect was holding a clerk as hostage inside the 7-11.
7. To cure your ___, turn it upside down. (It becomes a smile! :-)
8. You have to be careful when you ___ the plastic mustard bottle--there's no telling where you might squirt the mustard.
10. The Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) accomplished little more than the death of half a million Iraqi and ___ soldiers.
11. Robert ___, the killer pharmacist, diluted thousands of prescriptions for financial gain.
13. Using the microwave and the computer ___s with the TV reception. (Turn them off!)
15. The man jumped onto the hood of the car in an ___ to stop the thief from getting away.
16. Journalists credit Arnold Palmer for making ___ golf as popular as it is today. (Of course, Tiger has helped increase that popularity.)
17. Most Americans are ___ against the idea of a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street. (The phones in Congress are ringing!)


2. The ___ principal cut the student's purple hair to teach her a lesson. (The principal suspended him.)
3. There were many ___ and unofficial sponsors of the Olympics.
4. He offered his ___ to the lady so she could wipe her tears; instead, she took a tissue out of her purse.
5. The police ___ into the details of the murder--including persons of interest--is continuing.
9. People must learn to ___ others, especially those of a different race, ethnicity, or religion. (Even better is to simply love others!)
12. The students in computer class were ___d because only a few of them could go online at any one time.
14. The US ___ in Mexico is located in Mexico City; the current US ambassador to Mexico, appointed by Bush, is Tony Garza.