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2. At a swap meet, shoppers pay what the article is ___ to them (or what they think they can resell it for).
3. He sprayed a little water on his computer screen so he could wipe off the ___. (Then he went shopping for a new computer.)
5. ___ the two pieces together for at least six hours to enable the glue to set.
7. The plastic ___ bag has a drawstring and holds 30 gallons of trash. (And it's made in China.)
9. ___ is an indoor sport using balls and pins; participants often drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
11. A witch's hat is shaped like a ___. Put the scoop of ice cream in a sugar ___.
16. The US women's beach ___ team won at the Olympics.
17. He ___d for his ex-girlfriend for months, wishing they were together again.
18. The tiny little ___s on the computer screen annoyed her, so she sprayed Windex on the screen. (Then she went shopping for a new computer.)


1. ___ is the most popular game in the world; someday the US might make it to the finals of the World Cup. (Maybe in 2020!)
3. A reporter knows that if he can't find the information at first, he has to ___ a little deeper.
4. ___ bowling is a popular sport played on big, green, flat ___s. (Usually by older people.)
6. He angrily ___ed something under his breath. His boss asked him what he had said. He said, "Nothing."
8. If dust and dirt ___ on your computer screen, use a barely damp (not wet) cloth to gently wipe the screen clean.
10. A: I don't want you to go to any trouble. B: Oh, it's no ___ at all; it's my pleasure.
12. ___s is a popular gambling game in Vegas, but it's confusing to many people. (However, many casinos will teach you how to play for free. Aren't they nice?)
13. Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe were professional ___ rivals with opposite personalities. (McEnroe frequently complained to the chair umpire: "You can't be serious!")
14. Civil ___; criminal ___; ___room; ___house; ___ of law.
15. ___ your bags; we're flying to New York tomorrow morning.