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1. ___ing is the most popular winter sport. ___ers travel to their favorite mountain resorts on weekends and on vacations.
3. ___ are a valuable household tool that we use almost daily for cutting paper, cloth, and even meat.
5. Like Marilyn Monroe, ___ Wood was a famous, beautiful actress who died at a young age.
8. A rebel ___ was a battlecry used during the War Between the States.
10. He: How long will it take you to get ___? She: All I have to do is shower, dress, and put on my makeup.
11. Whenever he was in the ___ for love, she wasn't--and vice versa. (So why were they still together?)
12. The ___ never entered my mind.
14. ___ to the success of the Dodgers in 2008 was the home run bat of Manny Ramirez.
15. ___! I just dropped my ring down the drain!


1. ___ Jurgensen was a famous football player, and ___ Liston was a famous boxer (beaten by Cassius Clay).
2. Please don't ___ to be dumb; it's so irritating.
4. The new girlfriend got a ___ reception from the man's parents, who really preferred his ex-girlfriend.
6. He bought a rechargeable hair ___ because the corded ___ got in his way when he cut his hair.
7. Employees get paid hourly, daily, weekly, ___, or monthly.
9. I'm cold. Would you please check all the windows? I feel a ___ in here.
13. The ___ at the back of the magazine are hard to believe, such as a cologne that will make "every woman desire you." (Yeah, right.)