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1. Many successful people say that their ___ures taught them how to succeed.
3. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) was a man who came to the aid of a complete ___.
6. The oxygen masks dropped down, and the frantic passengers on the jet ___bed them immediately.
7. A ___ dollars is still a lot of money, but a billion is a lot more.
9. Mom: Young man, come over ___ right now!
12. People who throw trash out of their cars and play loud music in their cars are ___ of others.
13. The ___ is the third planet from the sun, which is 93 million miles away. (You live on it.)
14. That was the ___est thing I ever did; I'll never drive drunk again. I was lucky I didn't kill someone.


1. The lack of calcium in her diet made her bones porous and ___.
2. The counselor advised the woman not to get ___d with her sister's troubled marriage. "Let your sister settle her own problems," he said.
4. Dad: Young lady, if I have to ask you ___ to turn down that TV, I will donate it to a charity.
5. A: My ___ is not what it used to be. B: What? A: I forget.
8. Scientists think that the ___ will keep shining for another 5 billion years. (So keep using your ___ block.)
9. This chile sauce is so strong that it will grow ___ on your back. (That's a joke.)
10. A race horse with a broken ___ is often retired or put to sleep; if it has 2 broken ___s, it is almost always put to sleep.
11. The ___ for "Guitar Hero" was unbelievable; Best Buy ordered 80,000 units after the first 8,000 sold like hotcakes.