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5. ___, the custodian was working at 3 a.m. and heard the hoodlums breaking the glass door. He called the cops, who came immediately.
6. Many Hindus consider the Ganges River in India to be a ___ or sacred river.
8. GEICO is a major ___ company for car owners; it is owned by billionaire Warren Buffett.
10. ___ Webster is the Father of Education in the US; he wrote a popular spelling book and a dictionary.
11. "___, I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't know that you were already on a diet."
12. "Could you please wait a ___?" the busy mom said to her impatient husband.
14. The private jet ___ed into the hillside after one of the tires blew out.
16. The project was a ___ failure--a total waste of time, money, and effort.
17. A good way to loosen old or ___ nuts, bolts, and screws is to spray them with WD-40 and let it soak overnight.


1. The fatal ___ between the two trains resulted in a new bill in Congress to help prevent such accidents in the future.
2. In his last 6 months in office, any US president is known as a ___ duck. (His power and importance are diminished.)
3. Family and friends ___ shared the sorrow of the loss of the man's two daughters.
4. ___ it or not, both political parties were responsible for the economic crisis of 2008. (Yet each kept blaming the other.)
7. Noah ___'s famous spelling book was a best seller for almost 100 years.
9. "Yikes!" she said. "You ___d the living daylights out of me! Don't do that again!"
13. The ___ page of Newsweek magazine showed "Cool Obama" in blue and "Hot McCain" in red.
15. "Holy ___!" the teacher said. "I can't believe everyone made an A on this test." (He rewrote it to make it more difficult.)