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2. "I would ___ to marry a divorced man who has kids, because he knows how to love someone," she said.
6. The press kept ___ing McCain to allow them to interview Sarah Palin. Finally he allowed them to interview her.
8. The ___ owner was upset because many other units in the building were occupied by renters, not by fellow owners.
10. The full moon helped make the young couple's evening walk on the beach even more ___. (They were in love.)
12. It's not the heat--it's the ___! --Popular summertime expression in the southeast US.
14. "You know I can't ___ sushi. Let's go!" she said when he offered to take her to a Japanese restaurant.
15. ___ people wait patiently in line; in___ people try to cut in line.
16. ___ is a red gemstone made of quartz. ___, Alabama used to be a leading coal producer.
17. The price of crude oil has not been ___ in 2008; it is now $90 a barrel, but a few months ago it was $146.
18. It was an ___ basketball game; the lead changed hands every minute, down to the final buzzer.


1. In the near future, your ___ phone might replace all your other gadgets.
3. Even though they broke up after a long relationship, they ___ed good friends.
4. The ship will ___ next to Pier 46 at noon; visitors are welcome to stay onboard until 3 p.m.
5. ___ football is a milder and safer version of tackle football.
7. ___, whose capital and largest city is Atlanta, is known as the Peach State.
9. Located between Arizona and Texas, ___ ___ is known as the Land of Enchantment. Its capital is Santa Fe.
11. Infants and little children can ___ if they play with large plastic bags, so many bags contain warnings.
13. The congressman ___ed under the pressure of thousands of angry emails and phone calls. He had said he was going to vote yes, but instead he voted no.