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2. The officer had written "TOW" in white chalk on the left rear ___ of the parked car.
4. "Your friends are such ___s," she said as she vacuumed the living room. "Can't you ask them to eat without dropping food everywhere?"
6. UPS has a huge ___ of ___ vans for making all its ___ deliveries.
7. The drunk driver thought the ___ ___ was the on ___. He crashed into a car that was exiting the freeway.
9. If you want to climb the ___ of success, you must prepare and persevere.
12. The little girl had to stand on her ___s to reach the candy jar.
13. The empty stores are a ___ of the times--the economy is in a slump.
14. Hunters found a body buried in the ___ about a quarter-mile from the stream.
15. The politician ___d the question about why he voted for the $700 million bailout--he wanted to talk about Iraq instead.
18. "Environment California" is an ___ devoted to helping legislators pass bills to improve the state's air, water, and open spaces.
19. Cleaning up the ___ that vandals paint on structures and signs statewide costs taxpayers millions annually.


1. What is the point of ___ing? Either ignore the problem, or do something about it.
3. He took a cold beer out of the ___ and sat down to watch the game on TV.
5. Budweiser is the best-selling ___ in America.
8. ___es and pillows in many hotel rooms are full of bedbugs.
10. The dog was so ___d to its owner that it died a week after he did.
11. If you have arthritis, it's difficult to twist the ___s off most jars. (Beat the ___ with a shoe first.)
16. The annual Rose Parade in Pasadena is famous for its huge ___s made completely of fresh flowers.
17. There is no such thing as an ___ float at the yearly Rose Parade--all the floats are beautiful.