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1. Many voters will ___ be happy to see George W. Bush leave the White House--there's no doubt about it.
4. He has a really bad ___--he thinks that he's better than anyone else.
5. Turmeric is a popular yellow ___ in India, and researchers think it helps prevent certain diseases.
8. A crooked politician will try to ___ all the power and money that he can as fast and often as he can.
10. ___ is a reddish-brown spice that is used in ___ rolls and ___ buns. People also sprinkle it on toast and on applesauce.
12. Boxers must learn to answer a punch with a ___punch.
13. A "___" sounds fancy, but it is simply coffee and steamed milk.
14. The federal government helped make a ___ of the country's economy, and then promised to make it right (by borrowing $700 billion).
16. The movie director told his assistant to hire 10 ___s to fill in the background for Scene 23.
17. A ___ is a large, round, orange fruit that's popular around Halloween and Thanksgiving. (Who doesn't love ___ pie?)


1. Child A: I ___ you to jump! Child B: I double-___ you to jump!
2. Starbucks' famous ___ drink has many variations and is copied by many other coffee shops.
3. The pilot realized that his ___ to the landing strip was too steep; he pulled up and circled around.
6. Skateboarders are not allowed to use city ___s for fear they might injure pedestrians. (They have to skate in the street or the parking lot.)
7. Bad drivers ___ stop signs and stop lights; they are caught only when a cop sees them or when they cause an accident.
8. Angry, he ___d at the driver who ran the traffic light.
9. Cinnamon ___ is a popular flavor of Starbucks' Frappuccino coffee drinks.
11. ___s are still popular places for people to browse and buy their favorite magazine or newspaper.
15. She released the clutch too quickly, and the car ___ed forward. (Using a clutch takes practice.)