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1. Because his Ford had a leaky ___, he had to add coolant every 100 miles.
3. Car parts don't last forever--you have to regularly ___ tires, filters, plugs, bulbs, and wiper blades.
6. You need to replace your car's air ___, fuel ___, and transmission ___ regularly.
8. An ignition ___ runs from the distributor cap to each spark plug. These ___s need to be replaced regularly.
12. A four-cylinder car has four ___ plugs.
14. He decorated his SUV's rear ___ wiper blade to look like a dog's tail, so when it's raining it looks like a dog's tail is wagging.
15. Replace the ___ in your radiator every two years so your engine continues to run at the right temperature.
16. A six-cylinder car has six spark ___.
17. Your personal ___ is most important when you are operating a car or working on one. (Use your seat belt and read the manual.)
20. He bought a custom cover for his ___ so that it wouldn't crack and fade from the sunlight coming through the front windshield.
21. He took his Honda to the mechanic, who tried to find the ___ of his poor gas mileage.
22. He put his key into the ___ and turned the key. All he heard was a click. He tried again--click.


1. Use the ___view mirror to see what's behind you when you are driving and backing up.
2. Use the motor oil for your car that is ___ in your manual.
4. A good ___ is someone whom you can trust to fix your car for a reasonable price.
5. Cars used to come with manual and automatic ___s, but now most cars have only automatic ___s.
7. Check under your car regularly for small puddles which might indicate some kind of ___ in your engine.
9. "My brakes feel ___y," he said to the mechanic. "The pedal used to be hard, but now it's going to the floor."
10. His new car had a bumper to bumper ___ on it for the first five years or 50,000 miles, whichever came first.
11. The liquid under his car turned out to be brake ___. That was serious; he drove to his mechanic immediately.
13. If your brake ___ feels mushy when you press on it, you probably need to see a mechanic.
18. The mechanic ___ed the wiper blades so that they would stop squeaking and streaking.
19. Most new vehicles have antilock ___ systems which help drivers come to a safe stop quickly in an emergency.