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1. If your car's ___ motor quits working, your ___ blades will not function when you need them. (In snowstorms and rainstorms!)
5. There was a 6-month ___ on the rebuilt engine. "If you have any engine problems, we'll fix them for free," said the mechanic.
8. There was a small puddle under the engine, but it was just the result of condensation--it wasn't a ___.
9. Most auto mechanics and manufacturers ___ that you change your oil every 3,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first.
12. Many new cars have four ___ brakes; in the past, most cars had two drum brakes in the rear.
14. A ___ brush is a good tool for cleaning crud from your vehicle's battery terminals. (Then rinse the terminals with Coke.)
15. ___ing a new sound or security system in your car is best left to professionals.
16. Wiper ___. Shoulder ___. Razor ___. ___ of grass.
17. It did not surprise him when his engine died a week after the ___ expired. He had to buy a rebuilt one at his expense.


2. You'll have to remove the drain ___ if you want to change the oil in your engine.
3. The ___ filter is often located in your gas tank; the cool gasoline in your tank helps keep the filter from overheating.
4. You have to replace the ___s on your disc brakes regularly. (They used to be made of asbestos, but are now semi-metallic.)
6. Your ___ is the set of gears in your car that enable you to change speeds (and to back up).
7. If you smell something ___ing while you're driving or braking, take your car to the mechanic. (Or to the fire station.)
10. There was a foul ___ in the used car, but the seller told the buyer that a deodorizer would remove the smell.
11. The mechanic smoked his cigarette down to its ___ while he waited for the oil to drip out so he could change the oil ___.
13. The mechanic figured that there was a ___ in the electrical system causing the "Warning" light to stay on.