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1. ___, parents keep an eye on their small children. Sometimes, however, parents are distracted.
4. OJ Simpson was found guilty on all 12 counts in the trial in a Las Vegas ___ court.
6. Nothing is more ___ than your good name.
8. ___, OJ was found guilty of robbery on the same day (Oct. 3) that he had been found innocent 13 years ago of a double murder.
10. Millions of ___s of woodland burn almost every year throughout California and other western states.
12. The district ___ was confident that the suspect would be convicted and put away for at least 20 years.
14. In a ___ trial, a jury awarded millions to the Goldman family for the loss of their murdered son Ron. (The jury found OJ Simpson responsible.)
15. The suspect finally ___ed to the detectives that he had buried the body in the woods.
18. ___es were important characters in Shakespeare's "McBeth" and in the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz."
20. People who ___ baseball cards and stamps as youngsters often succeed in business as adults.
22. The most valuable piece of ___ on the Monopoly board is "Boardwalk" ($400). "Park Place" is second, at $350.
23. The boy's ___ in playing with matches resulted in a huge fire that destroyed dozens of homes.


2. The judge ___ed that OJ Simpson would be handcuffed and sent straight to jail if convicted on even one charge.
3. The wind ___ed for hours as the hurricane slowly approached the Gulf Coast cities.
4. Jay Leno, the comedian on TV's Tonight show, has a huge ___ion of classic cars and motorcycles.
5. Hurricane Ike caused a huge amount of ___ to the homes and buildings on Galveston Island.
7. If Measure TT passes, it will make the Pasadena school ___ eligible for $115 million in funds to improve local schools.
9. LA County's Metropolitan Transit ___ (MTA) has a website with a "Rider's Guide" in 10 languages.
11. MTA ___s that Measure R (a half-cent sales tax increase) will generate $40 billion to help relieve traffic congestion.
13. The district attorney decided that the parents were not ___ for the destruction that their young boy had caused by playing with matches.
16. Every year, fire ___s millions of acres and thousands of structures throughout the nation.
17. Children should learn early not to play with ___es, fire, or firecrackers.
19. Kids get a big ___ out of seeing things burn or explode. (So do adults.)
21. The woman ___d Wendy's because she found part of a human finger in the fries. (Her hoax ended in a jail sentence.)