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1. Wal-Mart is the largest ___ chain in the world. (Some of their prices are pennies more than wholesale.)
3. He sued the movie theater because an unpopped kernel of ___ broke one of his molars.
5. Beverly felt dis___ in her stomach and in her back; when the dis___ changed to unbearable pain, she visited her doctor.
7. Most hospitals ___ you to leave the hospital in a wheelchair. (To reduce the number of lawsuits.)
9. The ___ and sorrow that he felt after his wife died were too much to bear; he killed himself six months later.
12. Splenda is the brand name of a popular sugar ___. (No calories.)
13. If you have a loss covered by insurance, you will have to fill out a ___ form.
15. The Screen Actors ___ will hold a vote next week to see if its members want to approve a strike.
16. When you hear your engine ___, it's time to shift into a higher gear. (Or just slow down.)
17. There are two kinds of TV shows: brand new shows, and ___s.
18. The federal government claims it can fix the economic crisis by "borrowing" $700 ___ from taxpayers.
20. The banks have finally ___ed their irresponsible "no down payment" loans to homebuyers.
21. The movie ___s said that actors should not go on strike during an economic crisis--a strike would make actors look "greedy."
22. ___ athletes make sports look easy, but only a small percentage of amateurs ever become ___.


2. Some studies indicate that your attractiveness ___s your success and your salary. (Good-looking people make more money!)
4. The nation is ___ (October 2008) in the middle of a recession that many think will not end for another two years.
5. If there is an actors' strike, the ___ing business will suffer. (No actors means no food.)
6. To escape day-to-day ___, some people daydream or, worse, turn to alcohol or other drugs.
8. The secretary of the Treasury used to be the top ___ at Goldman Sachs, which helped cause the economic crisis.
10. The producers do not want actors to go on ___, because an actors' ___ will frustrate movie and TV fans.
11. Because the group of ladies met every day at lunchtime, they called themselves the "Lunch ___." (It rhymes.)
14. The continuing decreases in home sales and home prices ___ a recession.
19. An exit ___ of the voters indicated that most of them had voted for the Republican candidate.