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1. The juror said that it was the first time that she had ever ___d on jury duty; she was excited.
2. The live concert was ___d because Madonna was suffering from a bad cold.
4. Because the driver was un___d, he was cited and released on a written promise to appear in court.
6. Family ___s for victims of Alzheimer's and other diseases often suffer greatly themselves.
8. After the ___ had reached a verdict, the judge thanked them for their service and dismissed them.
10. The shy man ___ up all his courage in order to ask the woman for a dinner date. (She accepted.)
11. A ___reader who does not catch all the spelling and grammar errors will lose his job.
12. He put his payment into the ___, addressed it, and put a stamp on it.
15. Heart disease kills more women than lung and ___ cancer combined.
18. "Oh, don't worry, I'm not mad at you," she said to her boyfriend. "I'm ___ly mad at you! I hate your guts!"
20. The ___ health of many commercial banks was in doubt because of bad loans.
21. He ___ reviewed the major points he was going to speak about in his presentation.


1. President Bush ___ed Condaleezza Rice to be the secretary of state in 2005.
3. People do not usually share their age, weight, or ___ with acquaintances. (Sometimes not even with friends.)
5. The mission of the Department of ___ (DOT) is to maintain a ___ system that meets the needs of American drivers.
7. "That's a ___ request," agreed the teacher when the student suggested postponing the test until after the holiday.
8. One ___ thought that the defendant was innocent; the 11 other ___s thought that he was guilty.
9. Although she mostly stuck to her diet, she ___ had a bowl of ice cream when she had the urge for something sweet.
13. The university student was a financial ___ case, so he received a low-interest loan for four years.
14. The DNA test ___ed that the suspect the police caught was the same man who had raped the young woman.
16. A ___ person can't hear you. (Unless he gets a hearing implant.)
17. Today ___ people see nothing, but future technology will enable the ___ to see.
19. The Jeep went off the mountain road, ___ing over and over until it crashed at the bottom of the canyon.