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2. A police ___ leads a dangerous life because he meets a lot of crazy, stupid, and vicious criminals.
5. The lady ___d as she read the jokes in Reader's Digest.
7. The US ___ wants you to "Be All You Can Be"--a tank driver or a paratrooper, for example. (Enlist and enjoy!)
8. Paula Creamer sank her short ___ on the 18th green to get her par and win the golf tournament.
10. Mexican ___ Lorena Ochoa is the best player in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).
11. The customer spoke ___ly to the waitress, who then spit in his soup in the kitchen. She delivered the soup to his table with a big smile.
13. The other customers ___d at the rude man, but he ignored their angry looks.
15. The ___ young man was in great condition; he had the perfect build to be a jockey.


1. You will become ___ if you consume more calories than you burn. (Eventually, you might become obese!)
3. Many of his ___ golfers say that Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time.
4. Good ___ requires that no one start eating at the table until everyone is served.
5. There's nothing like a ___ fire in the living room fireplace on a cold winter night.
6. The ___ repaired the broken bones in the skier's leg.
9. On the first ___, each golfer ___d up the ball and drove it down the fairway.
12. ___ DeVito and ___ Kaye are famous American actors and comedians. (Well, ___ Kaye used to be, before he died.)
14. ___, who is half of the famous Siegfried & ___ tiger act in Las Vegas, was bitten by one of his beloved tigers.