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3. As loggers destroy the ___s, birds and other animals lose their homes.
5. ___ is India's second largest city, and New ___ is India's capital.
6. The man said that the woman was drunk when she fell to her death off the 10th floor ___. The police were suspicious.
8. To control protesters, police erected ___s on all the streets surrounding the convention center.
9. 1-800-FLOWERS is the phone number for a popular ___.
11. ___ed wire is very common on cattle ranches to prevent them from wandering off. A ___ on your hook keeps the fish from shaking free.
14. Many investors are ___king as they see the stock markets falling worldwide, but no one is jumping off balconies yet.
15. Everyone was standing with their hands in their ___s because it was so cold.
18. She didn't ___ that he had bought her a beautiful gift--she thought he had forgotten her birthday.
20. A large kangaroo can ___ about 27 feet in a single bounce.
22. If you're going to buy a house, you can make an ___, and the seller can make a counter-___.
23. Someone who keeps sticking his ___ out will eventually get his head chopped off.
24. Before the election, volunteers pounded the ___ throughout the city to register citizens to vote.
25. Don't ask the boss for a raise--he's in an ___ mood right now.
26. The dog that bit the child in the face was ___ed a few days later. (That was the last child it would ever bite.)


1. Many cities try to keep ___s asking for handouts away from busy downtown areas.
2. "My relatives are ___ing me dry," complained the man as he wrote his grandson a check for tuition.
4. They ordered a couple of Bloody Marys and enjoyed the early evening ___ at the beach.
7. He ___ed his head as he tried to figure out where he had left his keys.
10. Scientists and mathematicians used to use ___ rules; now they use calculators or computers.
12. The drunken teen tried to walk on the balcony ___; he fell off, breaking his ankle on the pavement 10 feet below.
13. Nolan Ryan, Hall of Fame pitcher, is baseball's ___out king--during his 27 years, he struck out 5,714 batters.
15. Because of the depressed economy, manufacturing ___s throughout the nation are cutting back or shutting down.
16. The three boys ___ed up on the skinny kid with glasses, knocking him down and taking his book bag.
17. The residents protested against the city council's vote to allow billboards in town--they are distracting and ___, said the residents.
19. The policeman was seriously ___d when his patrol car crashed into another patrol car.
21. "Well, I'll be a ___'s uncle!" said Bob when he saw that his wife had picked five of six winning numbers. Her lottery ticket was worth $30,000. "I love that woman!"