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1. He was a dangerous ___. He watched the woman for weeks before attacking her in her apartment.
4. If the plural of mouse is ___, the plural of house should be hice. (What a crazy language!)
6. She would ___ visit Blockbuster to see if, for a change, they had any movies that interested her. (They usually didn't.)
8. Yellow fruits include squash, bananas, sweet pineapples, and sour ___s.
10. Popular condiments include ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, and horse___. (Okay, maybe horse___ isn't all that popular.) But visit anyway.
15. Popular breakfast drinks include milk, coffee, and orange ___.
17. ___ research, which the military often funds, results in improvements in our own lives. (The Internet, for example.)
18. She took the frying pan off the ___, rinsed and dried the pan, cracked two eggs into it, and put it on the burner.


1. She offered him chilled cucumber ___s that she had ___d up earlier.
2. There was an ___ of various fruits and nuts on the dining room table.
3. She told him that he didn't have to ___ the potato; he could eat the skin.
5. The TV episode of the drama ___d with the criminal getting caught. (Of course--it's TV! What about real life?)
7. Looking for a can of vegetable soup, he opened the kitchen ___s. (But all he found was a can of broth.)
9. ___ is a popular low-calorie green crunchy vegetable. People often spread cheese dip or cream cheese on ___ and eat it raw.
11. He ___d the plastic mustard bottle, shook it, and ___d it again, but nothing came out.
12. If you don't want your noodles or other ___ to stick together while it's boiling, add a little salt to the water.
13. If you want hard-___ed eggs, let the eggs ___ for five minutes after the water comes to a full ___.
14. The jury found the defendant ___ on all 12 counts--he was handcuffed and taken to jail.
16. ___s are delicious nuts used in pies and other products. Georgia is the biggest ___ grower in the US.