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1. She ___ped up the lettuce and carrots, and added them to the salad.
6. She took the pot of pasta off the stovetop and poured the boiling water through the ___.
7. She took the cheese out of the package and ___d it into small pieces with the ___r.
8. He asked his wife where the butter was. She told him it was in the ___. (Where else would it be?)
10. Eating lots of fresh, minced, chopped, powdered, or cooked ___ every day keeps vampires away. (And people, too.)
11. He watched hungrily as the butter ___ed on the hot bread.
14. She ___red the pasta occasionally in the boiling water so that it wouldn't stick together.
16. She ___ed her face in the bathroom while he packed gun___ and pellets into shotgun shells.


2. Pickled ___ and ___ in Cream Sauce are two popular ___ products. These small oily fish live in the north Atlantic.
3. A spatula, a potato peeler, and a strainer are three examples of popular kitchen ___s.
4. The pasta was sticking to the ___ of the pot, so he used a metal utensil to scrape it loose.
5. Many people think a pasta dish is incomplete without garlic and ___ cheese.
6. He ___d salt, pepper, powdered garlic, and parmesan cheese on top of the plate of pasta.
8. A boneless ___ was not to her liking; she liked all her meat with bones in it.
9. Peel off the dark green skin of a raw ___, cut it into slices about the size of poker chips, sprinkle with salt, and enjoy.
12. The label on the box said that a ___er would ___ 500 pages from the enclosed black ink cartridge.
13. A ___ of dirty clothes was on the bed. She gathered them up in a sheet and took them to the laundry room.
15. She rinsed out the salad ___ and then put the chopped lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes into the ___.