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5. She bought sheets, pillows, and ___s to go with the new mattress.
6. She took the fitted ___s off the beds and washed them with the pillowcases and towels.
7. He was late for work; he gulped down a cup of ___ and left his apartment.
8. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is revered worldwide as a rock 'n roll ___.
10. Here's tomorrow's weather report in two ___s--warm and windy. (Okay, three.)
13. You're absolutely right. I ___ agree with you.
14. The rim of the ___ used in ___ball games is 10 feet above the floor.
15. If you're shopping for a new ___ cleaner, you should visit for the latest info about Hoover, Oreck, and other brands.
16. The US, Britain, France, and Russia were ___s in World War II, defeating Germany, Italy, and Japan.


1. The soldier ___ed his heels together, saluted the officer, and left the room.
2. The new laptop has an 18" ___ for your viewing pleasure.
3. He right-clicked at the bottom of his computer screen and then left-clicked on "Show the ___," so he could see the icons on his ___.
4. She took the ___ off the stovetop, filled it with water, put it on the burner, and turned on the gas.
5. She replaced her down ___s with foam ___s because they were more comfortable for sleeping.
9. Autumn is a brilliantly ___ time in many parts of the US as the leaves change their colors.
11. She opened the Word ___ and edited the first three paragraphs.
12. "You need a ___ and a shower!" she told her husband, who had just returned from a 2-day deepsea fishing trip.