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1. The unpleasant ___ between the nudists and the nosy photographer made the local TV news.
8. I wish someone could ___ a system for reminding me when to take each pill.
9. "There is no light at the end of this ___," said the economist about the recession.
10. Because his plane arrived late in Atlanta, he missed his ___ing flight to NY.
11. It was an exciting horse race; the first and second horses were ___ and ___ down the stretch.
12. The ___ were herded into the back of the truck; their next stop was the slaughterhouse.
15. A few sticks of ___ is all we need to blow up that bridge.
17. Many of the early revolvers, like the Colt .45, were six-___ers. (They fired six rounds.)
22. The rough ___ of Mars required NASA to develop a rover that wouldn't tip over.
23. The real estate ___ showed the buyer five expensive homes on Saturday.
25. A barbed wire fence surrounds a ___'s property to keep the cows in and the wolves out.
26. ___ about his activities, she hired a detective to see if her husband was fooling around.


2. Eventually US prisons will become so crowded that ___s will serve their prison sentence at home.
3. He enjoys playing ___s on others, but doesn't like it when someone plays a ___ on him.
4. King Henry VIII's executioner ___ed the queen because she had committed adultery.
5. The bright flashing lights on the new billboards ___ motorists.
6. The wreckage of the two ___s was spread all over the intersection.
7. For a ___ of 8 days, the Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 100 points daily.
13. Their first ___ was at an ice cream shop; then they ran into each other again at Starbucks.
14. Hikers knew that the rocky ___ through the woods was slippery and dangerous.
15. The pretty ___ at the blackjack table often received nice tips from happy winners.
16. These little animals live underground, but you can find them by searching for their ___hills.
17. Traditionally, the head of the family ___s the turkey at Thanksgiving.
18. The security guard ___s the parking lot once an hour between midnight and dawn.
19. She could not ___ her sadness from her mother, who immediately suspected something was wrong.
20. Even as a little girl she was ___; in second grade she beat up a boy who teased her best friend.
21. Politicians and government officials ___, if ever, admit they have made mistakes.
24. Dental floss helps remove food particles that are ___ped between your teeth.