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1. Commas and periods are examples of punctuation ___s.
4. Why did you hit your little brother? Please ___ yourself.
6. A: ___ me if I'm wrong, but I think you owe me $5. B: You're wrong. I owe you $10.
9. St. ___ was one of Jesus' 12 apostles. (Don't confuse him with Judas, who betrayed Jesus.)
11. ___ & Sanborn is an American company famous for its coffee. (Look for it at Walgreen's).
12. Why do I have to keep ___ing myself? Why do I have to keep ___ing myself?
14. The smoke from the raging fire was so thick that residents could ___ breathe.


1. Woman to boyfriend: If you don't ___ me, I will kill myself!
2. Wal-Mart, ___, and K-Mart sell a huge variety of items at discount prices.
3. To celebrate their tenth wedding ___, Bob took Sara on a second honeymoon to Hawaii.
5. Son to dad: I don't need any money. ___, all I want is some advice.
7. He was going to dive off the cliff into the water 50 feet below, but at the last minute he ___ed ___.
8. If you can ___ exactly how many beans are in the jar, you win the beans and the jar! (How wonderful.)
10. I ___ that I have been faithful to you since our wedding day! I've never cheated.
13. She is ___ in love with him, and he is ___ in love with her. (What a lovely couple!)