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2. ___ there will be a cure for cancer.
3. Lois ___ (Superman's girlfriend)....Penny ___ (Beatles song)....Lovers' ___.... A two-___ road.
4. ___ and grandma have been married for 50 years.
6. There's a big ___ between renting an apartment and owning a house.
9. The speaker was ___ at first--you could hear it in his voice. But then he relaxed and became comfortable.
11. ___ is so iffy--any decision could put you in the wrong place at the wrong time.
13. The sudden ___ of his wife left him a lonely, depressed man.
14. This is the ___ where she was last seen--at this park bench.
15. Parents love their kids, but ___ the kids have to move out and start their own lives.
16. By winning the playoff series, the Dodgers ___ the Cubs, who were favored.


1. The driver was ___ drunk. The officer asked him to say the alphabet; he started with the letter O.
2. His monthly bank statement contained an unpleasant ___--a $30 charge for a bounced check.
5. Be careful driving on icy roads--they're ___ because they're so slippery.
7. The new contacts ___d his eyes; his eye doctor said a little irritation was normal.
8. The bottle with the message in it ___ed all the way from Florida to South Africa. (The message? "Please recycle.")
10. ___s are teachers; we all learn from our ___s.
12. "Jeopardy" and "___ of Fortune" are hugely popular TV game shows.