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1. Thieves stole the six-foot-tall ___ of the university founder and sold it as scrap metal.
3. ___ is a very popular private university in southern California--Go, Trojans!
6. Tiger Woods ___ed the club into the ground after he saw his ball go into the water.
7. Many scientists believe that there are ___ universes which mirror our own universe.
8. He believed the information was true because it came from a ___ source.
10. She ___ed her son for not holding his younger sister's hand on the way to the bus stop.
13. The ESL student started having dreams in English instead of in her ___ language.
15. The ___ village is where the world's best athletes sleep and eat during the ___s every four years.
16. Without our native ___, we humans would have to communicate like monkeys.
17. ___ Connery is the original James Bond; the first Bond movie was "Dr. No" (1962).
18. Because the tree was dying, it was easy to peel the ___ off.


1. Tiger Woods ___med his wedge into the ground after his shot went over the green.
2. Every four years, the best ___s in the world compete in the Olympics.
4. Because of his arthritis, he wouldn't ___ hands when he met people; he simply bowed his head.
5. The woman at the ___ of the stolen car was not only speeding--she was naked!
6. Most new cars have power ___, which makes turning and parking effortless.
9. USC plays its home football games at the ___ in Los Angeles.
11. The promotion letter said to ___ within 10 days in order to get the discount.
12. Even though ___ ___ only costs about $50, many people don't put it on their steering wheel for theft protection.
14. The ___s from the fire smelled bad because of all the plastic and rubber that were burning.