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4. They ___ed as much wood as they could to use as fire in the winter.
6. The ___ was in the triple digits almost all of July. (It was hot!)
7. ___ devices such as computers are not 100% reliable.
8. She asked her coach, who was also the official ___, what her time was for the mile she had just run.
10. He ___ed the wounded animal very carefully; he wanted to help it, but he didn't want to get bitten.
11. A piece of glass in her left heel was causing her ___ and discomfort.
12. At a railroad ___, many drivers make the wrong decision ("I can beat that train!").
13. The price of ___ gas has decreased steadily over the past four months.
15. He broke down the fishing rod into its two ___s and wrapped a plastic tie around them.
17. The rude supervisor's request for help was met with ___ from those around him.
18. ___ing butter or ice cream by hand is a good way to burn calories.
19. Although it has thousands of annoying ads, the LA ___ is a popular free newspaper.


1. Some people buy ___ their whole lives that is simply thrown into the trash when they die.
2. Aspirin ___s headache pain for many people.
3. "Get your ___ mind out of the gutter," she told her boyfriend.
4. The National ___ is spending more time overseas than in America.
5. It's only a matter of time before overcrowded ___ becomes the first state to go broke.
9. The ___ told the homeowner that the power went out while she was cleaning the house.
11. The ___ of clothes on the bed needed sorting, folding, and ironing.
14. She took her dirty ___ down to the ___ room and put quarters into the washer.
15. After emptying all the pockets, he took his wool ___ to the dry cleaner.
16. When he was poor, he used to go to the ___ yard to find parts for his car.