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1. Most people get ___d when they have to stand in line for too long.
3. His shirt was ___ because of all the humidity.
5. I'll meet you at Starbucks at 3 ___ sharp.
7. Im___ drivers honk their horns frequently; ___ drivers wait patiently and quietly.
8. They ___ed all their belongings into the truck and drove away.
10. When ___ sneezes, the whole world catches cold. --Popular expression.
13. "It was a ___less murder," said the TV reporter. (Are there any sensible murders?)
14. She heard the warning ___s as the garbage truck slowly backed up.
15. Take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the ___.


2. She ___d for suspecting that he was having an affair.
4. Her given name was Patricia, her ___en name was Evans, and her married name was Jones.
6. He right-clicked on the "Stuff" file so that he could ___ it; the original name was too vague.
7. In the old days, they kept convicts busy by giving them sledge hammers to use at nearby rock ___s.
9. If you don't like your ___s, you should move to a new ___hood.
11. He stood ___ the mountain and looked at the valley, other mountains, and blue sky.
12. John ___ was the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, but he lost to Bush.