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3. The politician ___ed that he did not even know the woman who ___ed that she was his girlfriend.
6. Politicians and police chiefs ___ ignore laws they don't like.
7. The mayor called the man a ___ because he complained about everything the mayor did.
8. Dieticians agree that a ___ diet consists of a variety of fresh produce, nuts, and fish.
10. She opened the ___ cabinet to get the ___ on nail ___ manufacturers.
11. If the ___ rate is going down, why are jails and prisons overcrowded?
12. Some people love to eat hominy ___, with butter and salt, for breakfast.
13. Some ___ members of the angry crowd threw bottles full of water at the police.
16. He selected a small ___ of grapes and then paid the cashier with a ___ of pennies.
17. Rice and ___s is a simple but popular dish.
19. The nun ___ted her life to helping the poor.
20. The ___s in a container of food are listed in order of weight or volume.
21. Bob ___ was one of America's most famous comedians, actors, and patriots.
23. Although you can use your fingers, most people prefer to use ___ when eating.
24. The timid employee was going to complain to the boss, but at the last minute he lost his ___.
25. "Yes, it's a ___ of the law," said the police chief, "but since everyone violates it, we don't bother enforcing it."


1. Convicts in ___ get free meals, free TV, and free medical care.
2. The volunteers for the politician ___d flyers throughout the neighborhood.
4. The Goldman family won a civil ___ worth millions against O.J. Simpson.
5. The ___ of the prison retired after 30 years of supervising guards and convicts.
9. "I don't think I ___ed," she said. "I kicked him in the groin, but he deserved it!"
14. The ___ for the four men who beat a surfer to death outside a bar was a year in prison.
15. "Who's in ___ here?" the principal asked as he entered the noisy classroom.
18. Do not combine household cleanser (such as Comet) with ammonia; it is a dangerous ___.
22. Before taking his seat inside the movie theater, he bought a soda ___ and a bag of ___corn.