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1. When the fire bell rang, ___ occurred in the classroom; kids were yelling and running everywhere.
2. John McCain was a ___ hero, so many people think he will be a good commander-in-chief.
4. The dictator ___ed that his birthday would be a national holiday.
6. Police say that a small number of thieves commit most of the ___s.
12. ___s Boxer and Feinstein are Democrats who have been in the US Senate for years.
13. Some Republicans say that if you are against John McCain, you are against the ___ who are in Iraq and Afghanistan.
15. Her doctor told her to ___ her weight and exercise more.
17. Crossword puzzles (like this one) can ___ly increase your vocabulary.
18. Many computer companies ___ their customer service--if you have a problem, you will talk to someone in India.
19. The thief who stole her ___ bought jewelry and a new car; he ruined her credit.
20. The thief broke the window of the ___ and stole the sunglasses on the dashboard.


1. She couldn't find her birth ___, so she couldn't prove she was a citizen.
3. Millions of ___i refugees have fled ___ since G.W. Bush ordered the invasion in March 2003.
5. If you are applying to become a US citizen, you cannot travel ___ too often or for too long.
7. US ___s are angry that the federal government is using their tax money to save Wall Street firms.
8. Even popular Yahoo! Corporation is suffering during the recession--it recently announced 1,000 ___s.
9. Where are the ___s of mass destruction that G.W. Bush swore were in Iraq?
10. ___ is a beautiful country in southeastern Asia; its capital is Bangkok.
11. The Department of Education is part of the ___ government.
14. When applying for a US ___ in person, you can present a valid driver's license or a naturalization certificate.
16. A valid driver's ___ is acceptable identification when you apply for a US passport.