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1. HP and other manufacturers make all-in-one printers that print, copy, and ___.
3. The store ___ listed all the items he had purchased, the price of each item, and the total cost.
6. The state of ___ is known mostly for Denver (its capital), Aspen (ski resort), and the Rocky Mountains.
8. Ralphs grocery chain has a brand called Private ___ion, which competes with brand name goods.
11. Why ___ becoming a citizen if you're not going to vote?
15. His left foot was ___ smaller than his right one.
17. The movie will get a limited ___ in just a few cities nationwide.
18. The ___ created by Dr. Frankenstein was actually sad and lonely.
20. The LA County Board of ___s runs Los Angeles county.


2. He ___d for interrupting her.
4. A four-leaf ___ is a sign of good luck (most ___s have three leaves).
5. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were a popular and funny ___ team in the 1950s.
7. His credit rating was ___ed by the thief who stole his identity.
9. A driver's license does not ___ people to run stop signs or to drive without insurance.
10. ___ is a borough in New York City and also a well-known alcoholic drink.
12. Teachers attending the conference must ___ at the registration table before attending the sessions.
13. If you have bad table ___, people will not invite you to dinner.
14. The World ___ is the annual climax of the baseball season.
16. The old man's ___ manner made people stay away from him.
19. First, the movie appears in theaters; then, the ___ appears in Blockbuster.