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1. People who commit ___ are also charged with murder if someone dies in the fire they started.
6. The tire fire burned ___ for three months; firefighters could do nothing about it.
8. "___rs Report" is a magazine that rates products and services so that ___rs won't get ripped off.
9. Election ___s make sure that voters are citizens and that all votes are counted.
10. A sudden ___ of wind blew her hat off; she unhappily watched it fall into the river below.
12. The fire officials announced a mandatory ___ of everyone in the trailer park.
14. The ___ was standing across the street from the burning warehouse; a can of gasoline was by his feet.
16. Fire officials told the homeowners to clear the brush for 100 feet around their homes for fire ___ion.
17. He moved the cup of coffee so it wouldn't be so close to the ___ of the table.
18. No-Burn, Inc. produces a fire ___ coating that you can spray on your furniture and fabrics to protect against fire.


1. John ___s was the first vice president (two terms) and the second US president (one term).
2. The police arrested the ___ after the victim identified him in lineup.
3. Nikon, Bushnell, and Steiner are three popular brands of ___ that birders might use.
4. ___s from the fire were at least 50 feet high.
5. They put an ___ment in the paper about the upcoming wedding.
7. Federal law requires a ___ punishment for certain drug-related crimes; the judge cannot pardon you because it is your first offense.
11. Geologists predict a huge earthquake in ___ California before 2030. (Think about moving to Arizona.)
13. Jimmy ___ was a governor of Georgia and the 39th US president; he also received the 2002 Nobel Peace prize.
15. Some home buyers want a ___ of the ocean; others prefer a ___ of the mountains or the city.