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3. ___ and Master Card are two of the most popular credit cards.
5. Sarah Palin, vice presidential candidate, wears ___less glasses that are suddenly popular worldwide.
6. Phoenix and ___ are the two largest cities in Arizona.
8. The ___ between the two neighboring nations was about water rights.
10. Many people like to ___ online and discover new sites.
11. If you drive her to the airport, I'll ___ you for your gas and your time.
13. The best way to ___ colds is to ___ people. (Good luck with that.)
15. ___ thieves steal manhole covers, statues, and copper wiring throughout LA.
17. Some doctors say that people don't need a daily multi-vitamin, multi-___ supplement.
20. A step___ is a handy device to have around your apartment.
21. A person who is a native of Poland speaks ___ (with a capital P).
22. That was a ___ bad fall; let's go to the hospital to get an X-ray of your wrist.
23. The New Yorker has a humor ___ every week; the person who submits the best caption gets a signed print of the cartoon.


1. My car is in the shop. They said it might be ready by noon, but it ___ won't.
2. His new car has a ___ to ___ warranty for five years; if anything goes wrong, he's covered.
4. ___, the driver was speeding when he missed the turn and crashed into the house.
7. Many countries with a recent history of war contain ___s full of live mines that blow up innocent people.
9. Thirty days hath September, ___, June, and November. --Popular expression.
12. Please speak up if you have something to say--don't ___.
14. Her driveway was ___ly blocked by the moving van.
16. The driver of the stolen car ___d the police by going the wrong way on the freeway.
18. My wife's a real ___; I wouldn't trade her for anything.
19. The driver ___d sharply to avoid the ladder lying in the road.
20. Many countries have a weekly ___ that people play in hopes of instant fortune.