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2. The third ___ in a subway system is electrified; it propels the train.
7. The thief used a screwdriver to bypass the car's ___ system; he started the car without a key.
8. People worried that the economic crisis of 2008 was going to be a repeat of the stock market ___ in 1929.
9. Winning the state of ___ is usually critical to both the Republican and Democratic parties.
10. He's up the ___ without a paddle. --Popular expression.
12. Los Angeles ___ had 4.2 million registered voters in 2008. (Most of them were Democrats.)
13. If you want to ___ a woman on the first date, spend a couple hundred dollars at a nice restaurant.
16. ___, I didn't like you. But now that we've been classmates all semester, I think you're a nice person.
17. He got on his bike and ___ed to Blockbuster to rent a movie.
19. A ___ first class outranks a buck ___; a buck ___ outranks a corporal.
20. Drivers should always remove their portable GPS systems from their car to prevent ___.
24. The Australian firefighters were impressed by the dog's ___ attempt to save the litter of kittens.
25. Obama's calm ___ while being attacked during radio and TV debates impressed many voters.
26. Drunk drivers often try to blame their accidents on ___ failure.


1. If you want to succeed, you have to learn how to ___ your time and money.
3. As people ___ old age, they start having different priorities (and different health problems).
4. He's a famous actor now, but in the beginning he was given only ___ roles in movies.
5. Catching the suspect ___d a lot of time and effort by the police department.
6. A person who commits a ___ is known as a felon.
10. As winter approaches, the weather starts to get ___.
11. There is a crack in the ___ block; he needs a new ___ for his car.
14. It was a sad ___, as family members hugged each other after hearing the news about the train accident.
15. The MWD (Metropolitan Water ___) of Southern California provides drinking water to about 18 million people.
18. If you want to ___ college, you have to get good grades in high school.
21. Are you hungry for Chestnut Leaf Aged Sheep Cheese? A 2.5 pound ___ will cost you $93.19 (
22. The politician says he wants to help the people, but his desire to become mayor is simply a power ___.
23. The movie "___ Hand Luke" (1967) is about a guy who was ___ under pressure.