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2. The juice of green limes and yellow ___s contains vitamin C.
6. The dentist put a ___er in the boy's mouth to help straighten his teeth.
8. The old lady ___ded off while listening to a debate between two politicians.
9. A. Why? B. Be___. Just be___.
11. ___ Fudd is a cartoon character who is always trying to shoot poor Bugs Bunny.
12. The ___ on your teeth protects them, but sucking on lemons will destroy the ___.
14. Credit cards are ___ money. (Some people think they are free money!)
15. If you ___ your teeth in your sleep, your dentist will recommend a mouth guard.
16. To fix your cavities, most dentists use ___ that contain mercury.
18. In a fit of anger, she ___ed all the pictures of her boyfriend.
21. The patient had a chest problem. The X-ray technician told him, "Take a deep ___; now, hold it."
22. His son is a ___ off the old block. --Popular expression. (He's just like his dad.)
23. If your baby ___s his thumb all the time, he might end up with buck teeth.
24. The table is 90 percent pine wood, but an expensive cherry wood ___ covers the pine.


1. He lost $100 and his long hair when he ___ on his favorite soccer team.
3. The home team almost always has an ___ over the visiting team.
4. If you eat a lot of garlic daily, you probably have an ___ about you.
5. You must be joking--that's the most ___ I've ever heard. Nobody would believe it.
7. Will you ___ me downtown? I have to learn how to get to the federal building for my citizenship interview.
10. The diet of sailors long ago was ___ in vitamin C, so they got the disease called scurvy.
13. Almost every type of saw has a sharp, ___ edge to make cutting easier.
17. The dentist told the patient to stick out her ___ so he could check for oral problems.
19. "The dead body is ___ing up the whole apartment," the landlord told the police. He wondered how he could get rid of the odor.
20. A. What is your secret for being married for 60 years? B. We never ___ after 6 p.m.