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3. The office of human resources is responsible for hiring and training ___s.
6. The two biggest categories in the phone book are doctors and ___s (physicians and attorneys).
7. The ___ for illegal use of hands in football is five yards.
9. Don't waste your time and breath ___ing about a problem--just fix it.
13. They never found all of Steve Fossett's ___s--they found just two bones.
14. Two ___ three is five; five minus three is two. (Sometimes math is easy!)
16. ___ the negative; focus on the positive.
17. The US national ___ grew to $10 trillion in 2008. (Our great-great-great-grandchildren will pay it off.)
19. ___ to police, Mr. Patrick was not drunk when he shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who was trick-or-treating.
23. The mountain hiker who found the plane wreckage used a GPS device to record the exact ___.
24. The ___ speed limit on most freeways is 70 mph.
25. The number of drivers who get ticketed for moving ___s increases during holidays.


1. To drive while using legal or ___ drugs is a violation of state law.
2. The mayor said he was resigning because his ___ was getting worse.
4. The struggling company announced that there would be 100 ___s the week before Christmas.
5. Many ___s attended the city council meeting to complain about the new parking laws.
8. The tiny police department was not able to ___ all of the traffic laws.
10. A ___ dollars in 1983 was worth only $455,000 in 2008. (Yikes!)
11. An annual ___ of an elevator does not guarantee that the elevator is 100% safe.
12. The ___ (Hispanic) population of the US is expected to be 100 million by 2040.
15. The mayor was elected because he promised to fill every ___ in every street in LA.
18. You can order tasty burritos wrapped in a soft tortilla or hard-shell___s throughout America.
20. He said he wasn't a ___, yet he hated anyone who wasn't the same color he was.
21. The clever lawyer showed his client how to how pay less income ___.
22. The police claimed that the man strangled himself while in ___ overnight for drunk driving.