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1. ___ colonies, which exist for people suffering from the disease of leprosy, still exist.
3. The magazine article that started on page 6 ___d on page 58.
6. She presented her newspaper coupons to the clerk at the ___ counter.
7. ___ helps those who help themselves. --Popular expression.
8. After the dentist injects you with novocaine, your mouth won't feel ___ for several hours.
10. Las Vegas casinos do not like card ___s because they are able to beat the odds at blackjack.
12. He couldn't help but ___ why his girlfriend left him--she didn't give him an explanation.
14. She took a ___ of butter out of the refrigerator and spread some on the hot toast.
17. No one dared to ___ out in the stormy weather; everyone stayed home.
18. You should be ___ of yourself for behaving so repulsively at the party.
19. It's normal for people without friends or family to feel ___ during the holiday season.
20. With the aid of a flashlight, the repairman looked into the air ___ to see what was restricting the flow of cold air.


2. The Constitution does not state that you are entitled to a jury of your ___s.
4. Lepers, because of their hideous looks, quickly become ___s; people avoid them.
5. He made a fortune in the ___-export business.
6. A honey bee ___ includes thousands of worker bees and one queen.
9. The door-to-door salesman asked the homeowner if he could ___ how well his vacuum cleaner worked.
10. He was displeased with his new camera, but he was unable to ___ the customer service representative by phone or online.
11. General Billy ___ is the father of the US air force; he believed in the future of air power.
13. If you don't watch your calories, you will ___ gain weight.
15. The driver of the speeding car was unable to ___ the unlucky pedestrian.
16. Their 60-year marriage was proof that they ___ loved each other.