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1. The Transportation Security Administration (___) lists permitted items on airplane flights on its web site.
4. The ___ from the sun shining on the water made him put his sunglasses on.
6. The metal ___ broke down, so TSA agents had to frisk all the passengers for guns and knives.
8. Her ___ look made him uncomfortable--it was as if she was reading his mind.
10. He used the needle-nose ___ to bend the wire around the terminal.
12. The millionaire bought the van Gogh painting so he could add it to his ___ collection.
14. Four men tried to move the boulder off the highway, but it wouldn't ___.
18. I'm a lazy guy; if I pull lint out of my ___, I consider it a full day's work.
21. Sonny and ___ had a popular TV variety show in the early 1970s.
22. A TSA ___ told the passenger that she would have to file a complaint in writing.
23. The Transportation Security ___ (TSA) allows passengers to take 3-ounce containers of liquids onto planes.


2. "This Ticket ___s One" were the only words printed on the ticket.
3. ___ Shields, an American actress, was famous as a young supermodel.
5. One of his ___s lifted as she explained how her arm got injured.
7. The most popular form of ___ in Los Angeles is the car.
9. The ___ of directors ignored the stockholders who wanted the company to go green.
11. SFO is the airport code for San Francisco International, and ___ is the code for Los Angeles International.
13. ___s and dumbbells are popular among weightlifters and exercisers.
15. He called an ___ service so that he could attend the ball with a dance partner.
16. She refused to go to the ceremony because she had no escort to ___ her.
17. ___ at the airport was tight because the prime minister was due to arrive shortly.
19. ___ is the capital of Georgia and home of the world's busiest airport.
20. He had a ___ plate in his head; whenever he went through the detector at the airport, an alarm sounded.