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3. At the beach, European men often wear ‌bikinis, which are very small ___s.
5. The doctor told the ___ woman not to smoke or drink alcohol until she gave birth.
6. If you ___ your job, you never have to work (because your "work" is fun).
8. He didn't go to school to prepare for his ___--instead, he got on-the-___ training.
9. The penalty ___ for returning a DVD late was $2.
12. You ___ to see a doctor about that cut on your finger--it looks like it's infected.
13. All over the world, most young people hope to get married and start a ___.
15. Over a lifetime, a college ___ makes twice as much money as a high school ___.
16. It was a ___ day--perfect for flying a kite.
17. "Gee ___," the little boy said. "Why can't I have a little puppy for my birthday?"


1. You always look so ___; do you ever smile or have fun?
2. An example of an elementary ___ problem is: 2x + 4 = 10.
3. Every spring at Arcadia High School, the ___ class puts on a play; this year the play is "Arsenic and Old Lace."
4. He tried to ___ the algebra problem, but gave up after 10 minutes.
7. Do you ___ trying to solve someone's personal problems? If so, maybe you should become a psychologist.
9. Ocean ___ing is a dangerous occupation; furthermore, if the ___ing is bad, the pay is inadequate.
10. Sr. is the abbreviation for Senior (Dale Earnhardt, Sr.); Jr. is the abbreviation for ___ (Dale Earnhardt, Jr.).
11. If you have to ask "how much," you can't ___ it. --Popular expression.
14. Many oceanside communities claim to have the "most beautiful ___es in the world."