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1. Many documents aren't legal until you've put your ___ and the date on them.
2. ___ activists are hoping that marriage between people of the same sex will become lega nationwide.
6. At the press conference, the mayor ___d that he would run for reelection.
8. He hadn't seen his ex-wife in 20 years; he didn't even ___ her at the class reunion.
11. The Supreme Court disagreed with the lower court, and ___ed its decision.
12. The ___er at Wal-Mart says hello to shoppers and offers them a shopping cart.
13. Most states have a judicial system that consists of trial ___s, appellate ___s, and a state supreme ___.
16. So far there have been 27 ___ amendments--the last one occurred in 1992.
18. Billie Jean King was the first professional tennis player to come out of the closet--she declared that she was a ___.
19. If the teacher doesn't ___ your science project, you'll have to come up with another one.
20. The boxer wasn't worried about his ___--"he's over the hill," the boxer said.
21. My vacation in Panama was terrible--it rained the ___ time I was there.


1. She is a ___ly confident woman; she sold her house to start her own business.
3. The second ___ of the Constitution gives us the right to keep and bear arms.
4. Squirrels ___ nuts and then hide them so they can eat them later.
5. She ___ed never to go out with him again; he had broken her heart once too often.
6. The USS Cole is a naval ___er that suicide bombers tried to ___ in Yemen in 2000.
7. ___ Porter was a famous songwriter whose hits included "I've Got You Under My Skin."
9. ___s in America love Sarah Palin, just as liberals love Barack Obama. (Mavericks love John McCain.)
10. Many ___s in large cities have security checkpoints to prevent defendants and plaintiffs from killing each other.
14. Eleven southern states seceded from the ___ to form the Confederate States of America.
15. "You asked that attractive woman to join you for a cup of coffee--that ___s our trust. We're through."
17. ___ John created and performed some of the most popular music of the 1970s, including "Rocket Man."