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4. The ___ of California says that he will veto any bill that increases taxes.
5. Most of the food in the refrigerator was ___ed after the 8-hour power blackout.
6. The ___ party is usually shown as red on a map of the states; the Democratic party is blue.
8. The Eiffel Tower is one of the main tourist attractions in ___, France.
11. The ___ was sent to prison for 10 years for sexually attacking the woman.
13. Keep your eyes on the prize. (Don't lose ___ of your goal.)
15. The ___ told his cellmate that he had buried 20 victims under roads that were being constructed.
16. Cigarette smoke is a ___ to the health of all who inhale it.
17. The sign on the plane's bathroom said: "No more than one person can ___ this room at any time."
18. She couldn't identify the ___ who knocked her down and stole her purse.


1. Individual ___s to the campaign were allowed to donate up to $1,000.
2. The bacteria are ___ to elderly people; younger people don't die, but they do get very sick.
3. The ___ic party is hoping to get a solid majority in both houses of Congress.
7. The ___ was wearing dark clothes that evening. A driver hit her in the crosswalk and did not stop.
9. A paragraph is a group of ___s.
10. Right after he parked the limousine, the ___ said that he heard a pistol shot inside the mansion.
12. The Democrats in the California ___ and senate love to spend taxpayers' money.
14. She is a very ___ive mother; if you say anything negative about her children, she will chew you out.