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1. Don't sign a ___ unless you understand every word in it. If you don't, take it to a lawyer.
2. ___ Spears is a pop music favorite and a sex symbol to many men.
4. Samuel ___, related to John ___, was a brewer, an activist, and a founding father of the US.
7. City council meetings always start ___ly at 8:00 p.m.
10. The ___ Golf Association (PGA) will suffer greatly when Tiger Woods retires.
11. To get a driver's ___, you have to pass a written test and a driving test.
12. How can a man ___ himself in a jail cell? His wife thinks the cops are lying about how he died.
13. A "hand out" is ___; a "hand up" helps teach someone how to survive without ___.
16. Barack Obama is the first ___-American president in the history of the US.
18. As the rude jerk left the party, everyone else at the party thought, "Good ___."
19. A basset ___ is a cute little dog; its ears are longer than its legs.


1. The marathon runner looked behind to see who was close to him, but all his ___s were way back.
2. ___ Pitt is a popular movie actor; he is happily married to actress Angelina Jolie.
3. Wikipedia is a great source of free information on the web; if you can, please ___ a dollar or two.
5. When the baseball umpire said, "___ three!" the batter glared at him and threw his bat down in disgust.
6. The man secretly ___ed the pretty actress for several months; the police finally caught him.
8. Two ___ sued the actor for pushing them while they were taking photographs. The jury awarded them nothing.
9. The ___ entrepreneur donated $1 million to the supporters of No on Proposition 8.
14. The photographer preferred to take ___ photos of his subjects; he didn't like them to pose and say "cheese."
15. Many actors, producers, directors, and writers live in the southern California beach town of ___, just north of Santa Monica.
17. If you have a time clock at work, you have to ___ in when you arrive and ___ out when you leave.