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1. The godwit bird is able to ___ from Alaska to New Zealand nonstop--7,200 miles!
4. Most people get sweaty and ___ if they have to give a speech.
7. The magic genie arose out of the bottle and told the man she would ___ him three wishes.
8. Smoking presents a ___ to the smoker and to those nearby.
9. Because the bicycle accident left him with a broken ___, he couldn't talk or chew for a couple of weeks.
10. A ___ is a professional agent you can depend on to help you buy or sell property.
13. What you give ___ to is what you place most importance on.
14. "Sex in the ___," a popular TV series about four women, takes place in New York ___.
15. Most banks or investors want to see your ___ plan if you are an entrepreneur starting a new ___.
16. If you ___d how much time I spent cooking dinner, maybe you would appreciate it more.


1. My ___ on Delta Airlines would have been more pleasant if we hadn't run into that storm.
2. You won't succeed unless you ___ your time and energy to achieving your goal.
3. Put your ___ where your mouth is. --Popular expression.
5. Students can qualify for a university ___ on the basis of athletic, intellectual, or artistic ability.
6. Keep an eye on your young children--they can ___ off and disappear in an instant.
11. Most ___s raised their prices as the price of oil rose; they also started charging extra for meals, blankets, and extra bags.
12. "___ ___, ___ ___" is a popular song by Frank Sinatra about the big city that never sleeps.