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1. Dental work is ___ if the dentist injects you with enough novocaine.
4. The street signs ___ visitors and residents; nobody understands when they can park, or where.
5. You have to take off your jeans before you can pass on your ___s.
6. He was hit in the ___ so hard that his heart stopped beating.
9. A life without some ___ is impossible--we have all been seen with spinach in our teeth or our zipper undone.
11. She has a bachelor's degree, two ___'s degrees, and a Ph.D.
12. His car rental business went ___ up when oil prices soared. It was the first time he had ever file for bankruptcy.
15. This knife is so ___ I wonder if it could slice a banana.
16. You cannot imagine the ___ of driving a race car or jumping out of an airplane--these are things you have to experience.
17. The TV weatherman said that there is a ___ chance of rain tomorrow.
18. If we get a ___ in all this bad weather, we'll be able to patch the holes in the roof.


2. About half of the ___al energy that powers our lights and appliances comes from coal-burning plants.
3. The aging process is bad for your ___.
7. They put the accident victim into the back of the ___ and sped to the nearest available hospital.
8. Her mouth was totally ___ after four injections of novocaine from the dentist. (She couldn't feel, or say, anything.)
10. His TV had a button to adjust tint, brightness, ___, color, and contrast.
13. That song is a "___ from the past"; it reminds me of the first time we kissed.
14. Size ___s. Price ___s. Words ___. Is there anything that doesn't ___?