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1. ___, he wasn't interested in dating her. But when he saw her at the beach a week later, he changed his mind.
5. He smacked himself in the ___ when he realized what a stupid thing he had just done.
6. Because she failed to pass her citizenship interview, she was in a terrible ___.
7. ___s have a tough job--they must keep victims alive until they can get them to the emergency room.
10. How could anyone be so ___? He won the lotto three times in one year!
11. The ___ checked the time card of the employee to make sure she had clocked in on time.
14. ___ you finish your dinner, young man, there will be no TV for you.
15. He asked a friend to take him to the ___ for his 10 p.m. flight.
17. Without ___, we would have no modern buildings, runways, roads, bridges, and other structures.
18. Water ___ from the fire hydrant 30 feet into the air after the truck crashed into the hydrant.


2. The passengers got ___ the plane after the announcement to take their seats.
3. The victim was no longer ___; she was finally alert and talkative, although still in great pain.
4. The ___ driver had to call six hospitals before he located one that could admit the heart attack victim.
8. Many military aircraft ___ in mid-air; they don't need to land if they are low on fuel.
9. G.W. Bush predicted that the ___ of 30,000 extra troops would reduce the violence in Iraq.
12. People who ___ good advice usually regret it.
13. That movie was so funny; I was in ___es!
16. You can ___ an animal if you put some food inside a ___ or next to the ___.