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3. Using this credit card ___s you to free upgrades on Delta Airlines.
5. The major branches of the ___ are the army, air force, navy, marines, and coast guard.
6. The ___s of JFK, Princess Diana, and Gandhi were witnessed and attended by millions of sad people.
7. A famous World War II photo shows US Marines raising the flag after the battle of ___ ___ in the Pacific.
9. His bank returned the bad check to him; it was marked "___ Funds."
11. Voters approved a $10-billion bond, even though the state is already $11 billion in ___.
14. He was very young to be a ___; his 25-year-old late wife was the victim of a hit-and-run driver.
16. In the land of the ___, the one-eyed man is king. --Popular expression.
17. She has a nice ___, but you'd never know it from the baggy clothes she always wears.
19. For individuals, the average monthly payment from the Social Security Administration (___) was $1,007 in 2007.
22. She visits her uncle's ___ every year to "talk" to him and to place flowers there.
23. The river ___d out the huge canyon over a period of millions of years.
24. The new president will get rid of ___ nationwide by taking from the rich and giving to the poor.
25. She was ___ in one ear because of a childhood infection.
26. Wikipedia is a valuable Internet resource that depends on people like you--please ___ whatever amount you can.


1. The sleeves on this jacket are ___ shorter than I like--do you have another one with ___ longer sleeves?
2. Your payment must be received by Oct. 25; ___, we will charge you a $39 late fee.
4. The forecast of bad weather ___ed the success of the outdoor festival.
5. Life is a little simpler if you allow the gas company to withdraw your ___ payments directly from your checking account.
8. On November 11 we celebrate ___ Day to honor all the ___s who have served in the military.
10. The customer was ___--this was the third time that the dealership had failed to fix his car properly.
12. As soon as we ___ your payment in the mail, you can call us to discuss the late fee.
13. If you have a tough choice to make, it helps to make a list of the ___es and minuses of each choice.
15. The nation ___s a huge debt of gratitude to all its veterans who have served since 1776.
17. ___ on the Internet is very common; crooks are very clever at separating people from their money.
18. The ___ of Iwo Jima in 1945 lasted 35 days and resulted in the death of 27,000 soldiers.
20. You cannot become an FBI ___ if you have been convicted of a felony or if you fail a drug test.
21. Most people are happy giving and receiving ___ as a gift. (Although some complain that a ___ gift is too impersonal.)