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1. Located between Turkey and Iraq is the Arab country of ___; its capital is Damascus.
3. The old man ___ded off while watching the evening news on TV.
5. ___ is the official language of two dozen countries, including Syria; about 10% of the world's population speak ___.
7. He didn't hear her ___ to his question, so he asked her again.
8. They say that it takes fewer muscles to ___ than to frown.
11. In the famous novel and movie "Gone with the Wind," ___ is the name of the southern plantation.
12. ___ who do the same job as men get paid an average of 80% of what men get paid.
15. Barney, the "First Dog," was not very ___ yesterday--he bit a reporter at the White House who tried to pet him.
16. ___ one, teach one. --Popular expression.
19. ___ Lopez is a beautiful American dancer, singer, and actress who is now married with twins.
20. "___ is from 8:10 to 8:30--20 minutes," the teacher said. "If you return to class late, I will give you extra homework."
21. The leader of ___, which used to be called Persia, congratulated Barack Obama on becoming president.


2. ___, led by Saddam Hussein, fought an 8-year war with Iran that finally ended in 1988.
4. In my ___, John McCain shouldn't have picked Sarah Palin to be his vice president.
6. Newspapers and magazines make ___ offers (reduced rates) to get new readers to subscribe.
9. Many English as a Second Language (___) students agree that English is a crazy language.
10. The White House ___ Garden is a popular place for the president to take pictures with important guests.
13. "Obama has won! Obama has won!" happy voters ___ed all over the US.
14. After passing the bar exam on his fourth try, he was finally qualified to ___ law.
17. ___ is a small Arab country, bordered by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel; its capital is Amman.
18. The teacher's ___ was dragged back and forth across the room so often that one of the legs broke.