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This news report is sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. There's some serious problems in Arkansas. High winds and a tornado have sliced through portions of southern Arkansas. People have been injured and some residents are still unaccounted for. Emergency coordinator Bob Holly says rescue workers are on the case: "We had two ambulances set out first, and then when they saw the damage, that's when they called in the troops." Homes and businesses have been destroyed near a major highway at Dumas. A massive winter storm is sweeping through the Plains and upper Midwest. It's dumped more than a foot of snow in northern Wisconsin. Seven people were killed on slippery roads. And 100,000 customers have no power in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

Locally, police are trying to find a man who sexually assaulted a woman in Alhambra. She described the suspect as about 5'11", medium build, wearing blue jeans, a black jacket, black gloves, brown shoes, and a dark-colored ski mask covering his face. The woman was waiting for friends inside an apartment when the man entered through an unlocked door. He had a gun, sexually assaulted her, and then took her cell phone and left. The woman is in a local hospital. If you have seen this man, please call the Alhambra police.

Finally, one person was killed when a high-speed train derailed near London. The cause is being investigated.

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