230. The Rude Clerk

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Baxter had wandered around Blockbuster for almost 30 minutes after work. He was looking for a movie that seemed even slightly interesting. He had to rent a "new release" in order to get a free "favorite." Actually, he would rather just rent two favorites; he hadn't read one good thing about any of the new releases.

Finally, because a coworker had liked it, he selected a new release called "Cloverfield." It was a story about a giant monster that destroys Manhattan. The other DVD he selected was "South Park," a popular HBO comedy series about third-grade students in Colorado. He went to the front counter.

He said hello to the employee. She did not look at him; all she said was, "Card?" Baxter gave her his Blockbuster card. She scanned it. She broke open the two locked DVD cases and checked to make sure the DVDs were in them. She said, "$9.28." Baxter corrected her, "You mean $4.64." She repeated, gruffly, "$9.28." Boy, this is one rude woman, Baxter thought. He told her to check again; he was entitled to a free movie. She checked again, and said, "$4.64." Baxter handed her a five, noting that she did not bother to apologize for her mistake.

She handed him his change without a word. "What's your name?" Baxter asked. She told him. "What's your last name?" he asked. She placed the two DVDs and the receipt on the counter top, where she could see him printing her full name on a piece of paper. Without asking him if he wanted a plastic bag for the DVDs, she turned back to the register. He looked at her, took the DVDs, and walked out. Maybe her manners will improve after I call her supervisor, he thought.

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