Singular                 Plural

1. Affirmative

I am here.              We are here.         1st person

You are here.        You are here.        2nd person

He is here.            They are here.      3rd person

She is here.          They are here.      3rd person

It is here.               They are here.      3rd person


2. Negative (no contraction)

I am not here.       We are not here.

You are not here. You are not here.

He is not here.     They are not here.

She is not here.   They are not here.

It is not here.         They are not here.


3. Negative (contraction: pronoun + verb)

I’m not here.         We’re not here.

You’re not here.   You’re not here.

He’s not here.      They’re not here.

She’s not here.    They’re not here.

It’s not here.          They’re not here.


4. Negative (contraction: verb + “not”)

I amn’t here.         We aren’t here.

You aren’t here.   You aren’t here.

He isn’t here.        They aren’t here.

She isn’t here.      They aren’t here.

It isn’t here.           They aren’t here.


5. Interrogative (affirmative)

Am I here?            Are we here?

Are you here?       Are you here?

Is he here?           Are they here?

Is she here?         Are they here?

Is it here?              Are they here?


6. Interrogative (negative) (usually used when you expect the answer to be “yes”)

*Aren’t I here?      Aren’t we here?

Aren’t you here?   Aren’t you here?

Isn’t he here?       Aren’t they here?

Isn’t she here?     Aren’t they here?

Isn’t it here?          Aren’t they here?

*”Aren’t I here?”  for negative, BUT  “Am I here?”  for  positive;  “Amn’t I here?”  is WRONG, because "amn't" is never used in English.



7. Affirmative

I was here.            We were here.

You were here.     You were here.

He was here.        They were here.

She was here.      They were here.

It was here.           They were here.


Singular                                 Plural

8. Negative (no contraction)

I was not here.                     We were not here.

You were not here.              You were not here.

He was not here.                 They were not here.

She was not here.                                             They were not here.

It was not here.                    They were not here.


9. Negative (contraction: verb + “not”) Note: in past tense, you can’t  contract pronoun and verb: I’as

I wasn’t here.        We weren’t here.

You weren’t here.                You weren’t here.

He wasn’t here.   They weren’t here.

She wasn’t here.                 They weren’t here.

It wasn’t here.       They weren’t here.


10. Interrogative (affirmative)

Was I here?          Were we here?

Were you here?   Were you here?

Was he here?      Were they here?

Was she here?    Were they here?

Was it here?         Were they here?




11. Affirmative (no contraction)

I will be here.        We will be here.

You will be here.  You will be here.

He will be here.    They will be here.

She will be here.  They will be here.

It will be here.       They will be here.


12. Affirmative (contraction)

I’ll be here.            We’ll be here.

You’ll be here.      You’ll be here.

He’ll be here.        They’ll be here.

She’ll be here.      They’ll be here.

It’ll be here.           They’ll be here.


13. Negative (no contraction)

I will not be here.                 We will not be here.

You will not be here.                                  You  will not be here.

He will not be here.                                       They will not be here.

She will not be here.                                 They will not be here.

It will not be here.                                They will not be here.


14. Negative (contraction)

I won’t be here.                    We won’t be here.

You won’t be here.                                        You won’t be here.

He won’t be here.                                They won’t be here.

She won’t be here.              They won’t be here.

It won’t be here.                   They won’t be here.


15. Interrogative (affirmative)

Will I be here?      Will we be here?

Will you be here? Will you be here?

Will he be here?  Will they be here?

Will she be here?                Will they be here?

Will it be here?     Will they be here?