B. Inseparable Phrasal Verbs

You cannot insert a noun or pronoun after the first word:

For example: "look for"

John looked for Mary. = OK

John looked Mary for. = Not OK

John looked for her. = OK

John looked her for. = Not OK

*break down (to stop working)

call on (to visit)

*catch up (to overtake)

catch up to (to overtake)

catch up with (to overtake)

check back with (to report to)

*check in (at a motel)

check in with (to notify)

check into (a motel)

check out of (a motel)

come across (to discover)

*come back (to return)

*come over (to visit)

*come through (to succeed)

*come to (to regain consciousness)

cut down on (to reduce use of)

cut in (to insert yourself into a line of people)

do without (to have none of)

*drop back (to move back)

drop by (to visit)

*drop in (to visit)

drop in on (to visit)

*drop out (to quit)

drop out of (school; sight)

*drop over (to visit)

fool around with (to

get along with (your coworkers)

*get back (move away from)

get in (the car)

get into (trouble; the car)

get off (the bus)

get off of (the bus)

get on (the bus)

get out of (the bus)

get over (the problem; the fence)

*get through (to finish)

get through with (to finish)

*get up (to wake up; to get out of bed)

*go back (to return)

*go on (to continue)

go over (to review)

*grow up (to mature)

*hang on (or you might fall off)

*hush up (to be quiet)

*keep on (to continue)

keep up with (to maintain progress with)

*let up (to ease off)

*lie down (to recline)

*listen up (to listen)

look after (to take care of)

look for (to search)

look into (to analyze)

*look out (the window)

*move away (to distance oneself)

move away from (to distance oneself)

*move back (to retreat)

move back to (to return)

move into (your new home)

*move out (to relocate)

move out of (your former apartment and move into your new apartment)

*pass away (to die)

*pass on (to die)

put up (or shut up)

put up with (to tolerate)

run across (to meet)

run into (to meet)

run out (the clock)

run out of (time; money)

*sit down (to sit)

*show up (to appear)

*stand up (to stand)

*stand out (to excel)

*stand up (to stand)

stay out of (trouble; jail)

take after (to mimic)

*take off (to depart)

talk about (to discuss)

*tear out of (to leave quickly)

think about (to consider; to ruminate; to cogitate)

*throw up (to vomit)

*turn in (to go to bed)

*turn out (to appear)

*turn up (to appear)

wait on (to serve)

*warm down (after exercising)

*warm up (before exercising)

watch out for (snakes)

*work out (to exercise)

work with (to help)

* = phrasal verb is not followed by an object (noun or pronoun)