2. Dating and Marriage


The United States is one of the largest countries in the world in both size and population. With that being said, interpersonal relationships vary greatly from region to region. Marriage and dating someone can mean a very different experience in Los Angeles, as compared to Salt Lake City, Utah, for example. In some places, dating and marriage are personal decisions made by the persons in the relationship, while in other places around the country, families are more involved. Who or when someone is allowed to date can mean more to some families than to others. However, there are some traditional values that cross most the geographic lines in the country.

Some of the more common traits people look for in a potential mate are common interests, spirituality, commitment, kindness, trust, and communication. These are some of the traits, or qualities most people seek when entering a dating relationship, or when considering marriage. Common interests matter because it shows that the couple enjoys engaging in similar activities. If a person likes to ride horses, for example, then meeting and dating a person who also enjoys riding can be very attractive.

Spirituality is also important to a large number of people in the United States. Many families frown upon their children dating a person from another religion, while others allow their children to make their own decisions. Commitment is also a big factor, especially if the relationship is moving toward marriage. Kindness, trust, and communication are related traits that dating couples look for in a partner. Being kind to your mate is very important, and so is trust. You must trust the person you are dating in order to develop a healthy relationship, and communication is the best way to develop trust in each other.

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