5. Being Politically Correct

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Politically Correct is a term that has gained a great deal of momentum during the last few years in the United States. It is a term that describes the behavior people exhibit in public versus in private social situations. It is a relatively new term that has drawn both criticism and praise from many Americans. Being politically correct is achieved by speaking about something or someone in public without being disrespectful. This applies even if you are speaking on a topic that you disagree with. It is very closely related to politeness, but has more meaning than simply being polite.

In the past, it was considered acceptable to speak your mind when discussing politics or religion, for example. This type of candor sometimes created a conflict between the speaker and those listening who may disagree with him or her. An example of this may be if someone is speaking about the current President in an offensive manner in public. There are those who support the President and may not share the speaker's point of view. On the other side of the argument, it could be you who is in a group of people expressing views about the President that you may not agree on. Is it better to confront the speaker or to simply remove yourself from the situation? Being around people who do not practice political correctness can be uncomfortable.

The best way to go about your day is to speak of controversial subjects privately with friends or family. Some political and religious feelings are deeply rooted in some people who may not feel comfortable about a person speaking against his or her beliefs. This can lead to confrontation, and even conflict. The best way to proceed is to be careful of the topics you engage in conversations on when you are out in public.

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