8. The People of the United States

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The United States of America is a country that was built by immigrants. From its very beginning in 1776, this country has welcomed immigrants from all over the world. During the country's infancy, most immigrants came from European countries such as England, Germany, Italy, and France, but that changed in the years that followed. Although many people still come from those countries into the U.S., many other countries are represented here. Immigrants from Latin America, Africa, and Asia have also relocated to the United States, and now call this country their home. With all the diverse cultures that exist in this country, it is important to recognize their differences and try to get along with everyone.

Asian cultures differ greatly from Latin American cultures, or European cultures. Language, food, marriage, and interactions within their culture can be very different. What is acceptable behavior in one culture may not be in another, or may even be considered rude, or taboo. Japanese people, for example, usually greet each other with a slight nod of the head, and a bow from the waist. This is considered a formal method of greeting someone new in Japan. In American culture, people normally look directly into the other person's eyes and use their right hand to grasp the other person's right hand firmly. An up-and-down motion is then employed. This is called shaking hands. A firm handshake is considered a favorable way to meet someone new in America. Other cultures use other methods to greet each other, and there are countless cultures in the United States.

Take advantage of the different cultures of the country. Learning a new language, or having a meal that is unique to another culture can be a great experience. Embrace the customs of your fellow Americans. You may find it much enjoyable.

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